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Things to Consider when Training at Home

Training at home is different to training in a gym for a variety of reasons. For some people it's completely different to what they're used to, and to other people it's a preferred way of exercising.

But what things do we have to consider when training at home vs in a gym?


Your equipment is going to a lot different

You're not going to have access to heavy dumbbells and barbells (Unless you've invested a lot of money into a home gym) so you're going to have to get inventive.

To get a proper workout at home there's absolutely no substitute for hard work. More than likely we're going to have to do things in a much more controlled manner, do a lot more reps and volume of work than we might be used to and push ourselves in a different way than we have become accustom to.


Unless you have a big garden, you're going to have less space

You're probably only going to have a couple of square metres at the most of room to play with so again, you're going to have to think outside of your normal exercises/routine.

There are a ton of different exercises that you can do on the spot and/or with minimal movement so time to get out of your comfort zone!


The atmosphere is going to be different

This may be a good thing or a bad thing for you.

If you're used to gyms then you might find it difficult to motivate yourself to train hard at home, in which case it's time to crack up some of your favourite workout music, smash a coffee/pre workout boost of your choice and get your heard in the zone!

If you're not too confident with gyms anyway and find them intimidating then home workouts are probably right up your street and are the perfect atmosphere for you.


And there we have it, just a few things to consider when training at home!

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