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10 Reasons you Might not be Losing Weight

Not losing weight is very frustrating. What's also frustrating is not understanding why you're not losing weight. You've tried every trick in the book and still nothing is happening?

Here's 10 reasons why you might not be losing weight:

1) You aren't getting enough sleep - Sleep is crucial for good health and energy. Low sleep means we are more tired and lethargic which makes us less active throughout the day, more likely to skip the gym and more likely to eat something we probably shouldn't!

2) You're eating too many calories - Eating more calories than you're body is using over time will mean the excess will be stored as body fat.

3) You're too inactive during the day - Believe it or not, your activity during the day can have much more of a bearing on your total daily energy usage than working out. Get those steps in!

4) You don't push yourself enough in your workouts - You don't have to make every workout earth-shatteringly difficult, but some level of exertion has to be done.

5) You let sneaky calories creep in - Milk and sugar in your tea? A daily Costa Latte? How about that salad dressing? Calories can creep up on you in mysterious ways!

6) You don't drink enough water - this will make you feel better, more alert and more motivated to train hard and eat right.

7) You don't eat enough protein - Protein helps build, repair and maintain muscle and calorie for calorie makes us feel fuller than carbs and fats.

8) You're eating 'health' foods that contain a lot of calories - avocados might be the in thing now, but the calories in them is very high.

9) Your portion sizes are too big - Take a look at the amount of food on your plate compared to your partner/family member and think about the amount that's on there. Especially with evening meals, you'll likely be surprised!

10) You don't track your food - Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to keep yourself accountable.

Have a think about your diet, exercise and lifestyle and see if any of these apply to you.

Need help with anything? Feel free to drop me a message to @adamcmorris or on Instagram or email and I'll be more than happy to help!

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