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Balancing a Busy Life and Getting in Shape

The 21st century life is, let's face it, non stop. Between work, having a relationship with your partner, looking after the kids (If you have any), running a house, maintaining friendships and everything else that comes along with modern life, finding the time to even think about getting/staying in shape is a challenge.

This is a very common problem that people come to me with when they're thinking about Personal Training. They've previously been in good shape and enjoyed being active, however over time they lost their way and the all-consuming pressures of being an adult overcame the exercise routine and the healthy eating.


Making time for exercise and yourself is, and I cannot stress this enough, super super important especially in our hyperconnected society. It's so easy to not realise how much of a mental strain our lives can cause so taking time to get the heart rate up, the sweat dripping and the blood pumping is one of the best things you can do for yourself health wise.

In addition to this, eating healthy and sensibly is more important than ever. Eating well gives us better energy levels, sharper mental focus and just generally makes us feel good!


Sadly, we've allowed life to get on top of us. Obesity is rapidly on the rise while access to convenient, healthy foods and gyms has never been easier. How does that make sense?!

Anyway, here's a few great tips that I tell my clients and have learned from previous experience (I used to work in a finance office, a sales office and a recruitment office before being a PT) to help you take back control for your life, time and health!


1) Time is everything - How often have you heard someone say 'I don't have time to exercise', or maybe you've even said it yourself. Making the best use of your time is super important with being able to fit in a few workouts a week.

Maybe you need to wake up half an hour earlier, streamline your morning routine and go to the gym before work? Use your support network so you can delegate work, family and house tasks that will allow you to get a session in. When you're in the gym, utilise short rest periods and group 2-4 exercises together to increase workload and reduce the time you're there.

2) Get a routine - Work out a well planned routine and make sure you stick to it. There will always be things that crop up and will make it more difficult to stay the course. Make yourself as efficient as possible and get time back for yourself.

3) Cut down on the social media - Check your weekly screen time report. Do you really need to be scrolling through Facebook for 2 hours a day? Download an app that caps the time you can use socials and make better use of your time.

4) Plan and prepare your food - Get your food ready the night before and plan your food out for the day. It will literally take you 10 mins max and it will save you running around like a headless chicken every morning.

5) Utilise the power of no - If you're struggling to keep on top of everything then just start saying no to people! It's hard, it feels mean, but if you don't look after yourself then who else is going to?!


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