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Don't Be Another January Flop!

I've been there in one way or another.

You've been there in one way or another.

You make a promise to yourself that you're going to get fitter, lose weight, be healthier etc in January and this year is really going to be your year.

3 weeks later it turns out that, once again, this year isn't going to be your year and it ends up being exactly the same as the past few.


2020 brings around not only a new year, but a brand new decade too so here's some top tips to making sure that you don't become yet another January flop:

- Set yourself clear, measurable and realistic goals. Think about what it is you want to achieve and work backwards from that. There you'll be able to determine how you are going to get there, what you need to do and how long it's going to take. Write the goals down and keep referring to them throughout the year.

- Utilise the power of no. Say no to your old habits, situations that will detract your from your goals. Saying no WILL be difficult at the start as you're breaking out of your normal routine, but in the long run it'll help massively.

- Use your support network. Family, friends, colleagues are all people you want the best for you, so ask them to help you out with things to make hitting your goals that little bit easier. You don't have to go everything yourself!


Want to start off the year as best as possible? Set your goals, break your old habits and use the help of a fitness professional by signing up to the ACM Fit Lean Life Challenge starting on Monday 6th January.

Email to book your spot.

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