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The Never Ending Cycle of Feeling Rubbish

How familiar does this sound?

You wake up one day and randomly, out the blue you feel rubbish. It might have been a knock on effect from the food and drink you had at the weekend, it could be the start of a cold, but you know that you don't feel quite 100%.

As a result you feel like eating a bit of comfort food to make yourself feel a bit better. Then you don't feel like going to the gym because you've eaten rubbish food on top of already feeling a bit under the weather and you end up feeling even worse about yourself and in general.

Pretty familiar, right?


That was a pretty gloomy start to the blog, but how true does and familiar does it sound?

If this is ringing bells for you then it's time to break out of the never ending cycle of feeling rubbish!

Accept the fact that you're not going to feel 100% all of the time and especially if you are someone who is super busy, has a family etc. Accept that and stop using it as an excuse to eat rubbish that you normally wouldn't eat or not go to the gym.


And if you are feeling rubbish all the time and it never seems to go away then it's worth looking at:

1) Your sleep - make sure you're getting 7-9 hours per night and more than likely you'll feel a hell of a lot better. One easy way to do this is switch off the TV, go to bed early and read a fiction book.

2) Normalise your eating - Are you the type of person who eats barely anything during the morning and day and then all the food in the evening? Spread your food out across the day and you'll notice a difference.

3) Get sweaty - whoa I don't mean that way (lol) I mean increase the frequency of your exercise to get the rush of endorphins more regularly.


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